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The Hipsters were born at the end of 1978.

Dick McEwen and Reuben Sairs had played together in various

configurations since before the moon came up over Pittsburgh.


Irwin Anolik wandered into that dream and became a core element,

playing drums. John Shaw was the first bassist,

and he was followed by 6 other restless musical souls,

(Larry Ough, Mike McNamara, Joe Hohman, Tom Prowell, Max Boehm,

and the present and longstanding bassist, Jerry Del Rosso)

all of whom made substantial contributions to the sound of the band

and helped deliver the content in performance.


Each of them was a gift.


The band played professionally with moments of glory and embarrassment for about 8 years. They have performed sporadically since then. A very short time after its founding,

the band’s goal was to play thoughtful, social, spiritual, all--original music.

They were delighted to find a group of listeners to gather to hear,

dance to and participate in the songs. Rock stardom was probably never an issue.

We were too weird. Artistic success could be sweet, though, and we have had some of it.

The band moved to different parts of the country and different places in life.


There were three family men. 


Now the Hipsters are all professionals with jobs and haircuts,

but still “restless for a change of scheme,

so the first come last and the last come first."

We have enjoyed several reunion concerts,

and hope to see you at many more! 


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